niagara unversity blackboard

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What is niagaracollege blackboard?

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Where can I find information about blackboard?

MyNC is used by applicants and current students to access important academic information, including applications, timetables and grades. With $1.5 million in scholarships and bursaries available, Niagara College helps to ensure your academic success by …

Why Niagara College?

If you need assistance logging into Blackboard Learn, you may contact the OIT Help Desk at 716-614-6730 or stop by D102 in the Learning Commons building. Student, for technical issues on Blackboard Learn contact the Online Student Support Specialist at 716-614-6488 or email [email protected]. If you need assistance logging into Blackboard Learn you …

When will I be able to login to BlackBoard Learn?

if you need assistance logging into blackboard learn, you may contact the oit help desk at 716-614-6730 or by email at [email protected] if you are a faculty member, regardless whether or not you are concurrently a nccc student; or the student email hotline at 716-210-2505 or by email at [email protected] if you are a …

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myNU is Niagara University's portal system for students, staff, and faculty. It was designed to offer personalized content and conveniently organized information. Username


What is a blackboard learn?

Blackboard Learn is the NCCC web-based course management portal. Faculty may choose to use Blackboard Learn to supplement on-campus instruction and some online courses are run through the Blackboard Learn course management portal.

How to contact OIT Help Desk?

If you need assistance logging into Blackboard Learn you many contact OIT Help Desk at 716-210-2505 or by D102 in the Learning Commons. The login credentials for your NCCC email account are also used to log into your Blackboard Learn account.

How do I login to the myNU system?

Using a Web browser, go to Here, you will be able to login to your personal portal using your personal information.

What is my username?

The student user name is a small "s" followed by your complete seven digit student number. (Example: Student number = 0034567 then Username = s0034567.)

What is my password?

New PurplePass accounts use a randomly generated password. To retrieve the initial password, you need to activate your account.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Due to security reasons, we cannot supply you with your existing password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the " Forgot Your Password? " link on the myNU login page. This will help you set a new password for yourself.

Is the course schedule I see on myNU correct?

The course schedule is updated nightly. If you make a change during the day, it will not reflect until the following day. The printouts from the Records Office are always the best method of retrieving your schedule, but the myNU system is accurate as of the previous days status.

Is it important to logout?

Yes! Always use the logout function located in the upper right area of the website. This makes sure that no one else can see your personal data. Also, you should close the Web browser after you logout, especially if you are accessing myNU from the labs. This rule of thumb goes for all Web-based services where your personal data is used.

How do I change my password?

On the upper-right of the myNU page, you’ll see the ‘Change Password’ link. Just click on that and enter your new password in the form provided.