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The blog is put together by a student and advice on support. The blog also answers some often asked questions like how to access blackboard portal, what is the log in information, and where is my is aimed at the students by providing useful information about the platform. It mainly provides how-to guides for the students who are new to it or those who need a refresher course of its features.


what is blackboard

Hawking, the revered theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author who passed away in 2018, kept a blackboard “smothered with ...

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how to delete a discussion post on blackboard

Therefore, after the Webinar has concluded, ITS will remove the license and if needed again, the process would need to be repeated. I want to record a lecture in advance and then post to my Canvas ...

6 min read

how to delete a thread on blackboard

Once activated, we recommend adding a link to the Teams space in your Blackboard course: You can link to the Teams ... or start a new conversation (thread) in an existing channel. Building a channel ...

9 min read

how to resubmit an assignment in blackboard

Locate the assignment within the relevant Blackboard course. You should talk with your department ... go back and follow the steps above to resubmit. However, If you have uploaded the wrong assignment ...

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how to double space on blackboard

A new museum exhibit hopes to uncover the secrets behind the doodles, in-jokes and coded messages on a blackboard that ...

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