country crate and blackboard decor

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Time to Decorate Your Rooms for Christmas

Are you still worrying about not finding suitable Christmas decorations?

Multiple Storage Options

Whether it is placed in the kitchen to hold fragrant fruits, or placed in the living room to store your favorite records,DVD,or game discs, or placed in birthday parties and weddings as decorations, Greenstell wood crates will bring you different surprises.

Ingenious and Unique Design

The wood on the side is first connected by the internal steam nail at the junction, and then fixed by iron strip on the outside. The double fixation makes the product more durable and have a long life.

Wood - Storage Bins, Cubes & Totes - Storage & Organization - The Home Depot

Old school wooden storage crates are a great way to help organize a space with a bit of visual appeal. Paint them, stain them, or just leave the crates in their natural state. We have wooden crates of all sizes for your next organization project.

Storage Ottoman DIY

I love crafts. I love DIY. My biggest DIY crush? Furniture redoing/making. I can't get enough. It takes every fiber of my being to k...

DIY Storage Cases

DIY bookcase, night stand, or storage - super easy! Crates from Joann's $8.99 with coupons = $18.00 - legs and brackets from Home depot, each leg $2.98 each bracket $2.98 = $24.00 - metal brace 4 for $1.98. Total $42.00 1. attached brackets and legs to bottom crate. Screw in with slightly smaller screws wood can crack easily.

Crate Storage Coffee Table and Stools - Her Tool Belt

Add storage to your living areas by building a stylish and unique crate storage coffee table, free woodworking plans. #RYOBIorganized

What is rustic decor?

Unpretentious and timelessly appealing, the rustic sensibility draws from antiquated eras to blend old world elegance with modern subtlety. Unfinished wood, repurposed household goods, and an overall organic attitude all reflect the quintessential rustic style, with no shortage of clever DIY implements.

How to decorate a rural porch?

Decorating a rural porch is as easy as using multiple items in a single area. Have a wicker chair out front? Toss a cozy blanket on it with an inviting pillow. Don’t be afraid to set it up near some flowers to add some color to the area.

What to do with an aged bench?

An aged bench is a wonderful way to enhance your farmhouse décor while providing something functional for your family and guests to use. Consider adding some cute throw pillows, perhaps nature or animal-themed, to complete the look.

Can hurricane lights be used on porches?

Kerosene lanterns and hurricane lamps may have given way to solar uplights and strings of electric bulbs, but they can still brighten a porch when showing off a hand-picked selection of sunny dandelions or wildflowers.

What is a wheat wreath?

A wreath is sometimes all it takes to bring some life to your front porch. This wheat wreath works charmingly well with farmhouse décor, but it can also blend effortlessly during certain seasons like Autumn.

What is a vertical welcome sign?

This vertical welcoming sign puts a spin on things with the inviting quote and the bonus of including your family name and the year of your marriage. Either color option provides an attractive rustic charm to your porch.

What is a coconut coir doormat made of?

Impress your guests while making them feel welcomed with this hand-painted doormat. It’s made from 100% coconut coir , and if you want something a touch different, you can reach out to the artist to create a more exclusive doormat.

How to Restyle Your Kitchen with Contemporary Farmhouse Flair

Antique wood devices invite chefs to decrease as well as produce wholesome meals from scratch.

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Triad of Narrow Whitewashed Mirrors

1. Triad of Narrow Whitewashed Mirrors Accented with Eucalyptus Wreath

5. Oink, Moo, Cockadoodledoo Welcome Sign

5. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Oink, Moo, Cockadoodledoo Welcome Sign

10. Old Country Store Hand-Lettered Labeling

10. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Old Country Store Hand-Lettered Labeling

11. Vintage Hanging Pharmacy Clock in Weathered Copper

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Vintage Hanging Pharmacy Clock in Weathered Copper

12. Double Hanging Barn Door Food Pantry

12. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Double Hanging Barn Door Food Pantry

14. Dutch Door Leading to Kitchen Garden

14. Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Dutch Door Leading to Kitchen Garden