Student Blackboard Portal Guide Blog & Support

The blog is put together by a student and advice on support. The blog also answers some often asked questions like how to access blackboard portal, what is the log in information, and where is my is aimed at the students by providing useful information about the platform. It mainly provides how-to guides for the students who are new to it or those who need a refresher course of its features.


how to use blackboard

Note: On-Campus course shells are empty, faculty must submit a request for a template or content at the On-Campus Blackboard Course Management website. Please connect to VPN in order to use this app, ...

10 min read

how to edit a discussion post on blackboard

Visit Elevate's page for guidance on how to use discussion boards in your teaching or for student support and community-building. Discussion boards can be added to any Blackboard course ... to suggest ...

6 min read

how to submit on blackboard

Find out what a Buddycheck Peer Evaluation is, and how to submit one to Blackboard if asked to by your module tutor. Buddycheck Peer Evaluation is an assessment tool that is accessed through ...

8 min read

how to delete a submission on blackboard

Locate the assignment within the relevant Blackboard course. You should talk with your ... then please talk to your department first as they will be able to delete the submission and allow you to ...

3 min read

what is blackboard collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing system connecting staff, students and external guests. Sessions are accessible through a web browser with no need for additional software. It's ...

9 min read

how to copy a course in blackboard

Under the My Blackboard tab, Click on the course that contains the content that you wish to copy. Under Select Copy Type, use the drop-down menu to Select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course ...

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